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May 18 - May 25, 2014


Saturday/Sunday 12-5 p.m. / M-F 6-10 p.m.


Sunday May 25 (Time TBD)

Come explore your inner hero/herione in a stage combat class hosted by Cleveland State University's Department of Theatre and Dance. This class is a one week intensive on sword fighting for the stage. A thirty hour course, this class focuses on the fighting style of films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, a style of swordplay popularized by Errol Flynn and other greats of the silver screen and prevalent in countless theatrical productions.


Normally a $300-500 class in Chicago or NYC. This course is being offered to those in the Cleveland area for $250 and to CSU students for only $150. All equipment is provided. Actors, technicians, directors, stage managers and general theatre enthusiaists are all welcome to enroll this fast paced and ridiculous class.


The class will culminate in the Basic Skills Proficiency test in Single Sword presented by the Society of American Fight Directors. The test fee is included in the course price.


Cleveland State University

Middough building

1901 East 13th

Cleveland OH 45115


$250.00 per person

$150.00 per CSU student 

(must show current student ID at the start of the class)


Step 1: Please fill out the form below then click "Submit Form." You will then be redirected back to this page.


Step 2: If you are paying through Paypal click "Buy Now," otherwise please make other payment arrangements by emailing me at: Thank you. 


ONLINE PAYMENTS ARE MADE THROUGH PAYPAL. If you do not wish to use paypal an alternative payment can be made via check or cash at the start of the first class. Please register, however, as low enrollment may cause a class to be cancelled. 

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Please read the following carefully.


By accepting these terms and conditions, I acknowledge that I am registering for attendance, participation and instruction in armed stage violence and hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify Michael Mueller against any claims for damages, injuries or losses of any kind suffered by me or any others directly or indirectly arising out of any practice, instruction, or other activity related to this course.


Clarity of Intention

I understand that this course reflects a study of armed stage violence for the purposes of artistic endeavors, recreation and cultural heritage, and that the instructors in no way advocate that I should seek confrontations, directly or indirectly, or view this training for self defense purposes. I further understand that the instructor is teaching modified martial techniques and in no way advocates physical violence towards another person. I hereby waive Michael Mueller of any liability for my actions; including, but not limited to: injury to myself or others and/or any property damage(s) resulting from any attempts by me to perform any of the techniques discussed, demonstrated or taught during this class.


Subject Matter Recognition

I recognize that the nature of the activities involved in the study of armed stage violence may require close and intimate physical contact with other participants and/or the instructor, and that this contact is necessary and inherent in the educational context of the subject matter. I understand that the scenarios and topics to be discussed are mature and sensitive issues. I acknowledge and understand that it is my right to decline participation in any event with which I feel uncomfortable or unsafe, that it is my right to vocalize my feelings concerning the training, and that at any time I may choose to immediately cease activity or involvement. 


Risk of Injury 

I understand that the instructor will be teaching classes in the safest possible atmosphere; however, as with any athletic activity, I am also aware that participation in a class of this subject can be dangerous, involving the risk of injury. I acknowledge that the risk and type(s) of injuries vary depending on the activities in which I choose to participate. Consequently, I agree:

         To accept any and all risks involved with the activities in which I choose to participate.

         To obey the instructor in order to minimize the risk of injury to myself and others.

         To authorize Michael Mueller to admit me for medical treatment in an emergency.

         That failure on my part to abide by the rules of the instructor will jeopardize my eligibility to participate in the event, and that the instructor reserves the right to remove me without reimbursement at his discretion if he feels that I am acting in an unsafe, or abusive manner.


I further acknowledge that some of the exercises and training methods taught will require me to submit to various types of physical restraint and exercise which may, in the course of demonstration and/or application, cause me pain or injury. I am aware that I may choose to not participate or stop my participation in any activity at anytime. I also recognize that many of the exercises and training methods taught will require me to be in good physical condition and that I believe myself to be physically able to participate fully in this activity. Further, I hold Michael Mueller harmless for any injury sustained in the course of this training due to any physical limitations either known or unknown. 


Video/Photography Permission

I consent to be photographed and/or video recorded during the course of this class, and that any pictures taken, video or other recording, of me in connection with this class can be used for publicity or promotion. I therefore waive any/all rights for compensation with regard to the images/recordings referenced above. 



I understand and accept the class fee as listed above and am responsible for full payment. Refunds are at the instructor’s discretion.


Statement of Comprehension

I have understood all that is expressed above and certify that I am of sound judgment and legally competent to agree to this waiver. Additionally, I certify that I am eighteen years of age or older, a legally emancipated adult, or hold the consent of the legal guardian (as demonstrated by their signature). In consideration for this training, this release shall not expire and shall be considered effective in perpetuity. 

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